Red Letter Day

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Can you believe my first post in three weeks is this?

Kansas just unveiled A terribly lame new slogan to attract business and tourism to the state.

I am upset they didn't choose any of MY slogans:

Kansas: We're Evolving For You (except in the schools)

Kansas: Intelligently Designed

Kansas: Where Being Gay is Only a Misdemeanor

Kansas: It's the Alabama of the Plains

Kansas: We're Just Like Oklahoma Except With a Better Basketball Team and Worse Football Team

Kansas: Pleasant Weather For a Week Each Fall and Spring

Kansas: Nebraska's Bitch

Kansas: There's No Place Like Home (Unless It's Here, In Which Case You're Screwed)

Kansas: Where Bob Dole Buys His Viagra

Kansas: Our Manhattan Has No Urine-Soaked Subways

Kansas: You Will Spend Five Hours On I-70 Like It Or Not

Kansas: What Stands Between You and Your Colorado Skiing Vacation


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