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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lost in translation

The original statement:

From: Borders Books Rewards Program

Dear Mike,
We've made it simpler than ever to get your membership rewards. Our new program kicks off April 12, and here are all the details:

Now, for every $150 you spend on qualifying purchases at Borders, Borders Express, or Waldenbooks in a calendar year, you’ll earn $5 in Borders Bucks, issued the first week of the following month and valid until the end of that month. The more you spend, the more you get. There’s no limit to how many Borders Bucks you can earn!


"We're cutting our benefits and starting on April 12, we're going to give you less rewards credit then we used to; in fact, almost 50% less. But, to make this sting a bit less, we'll let you use it throughout the year in $5.00 incrememnts instead of only during the holiday season."

Borders' program is still better then Barnes and Nobles' -- for one, it is free, and secondly, Borders has better and more frequent coupons. If you ever pay retail at Borders, you just are not trying very hard, since they almost always have a 20% off coupon at least available online.



  • I've actually double dipped into the Border's rewards before. My wife and I checked out at the same time on two different registers. We just passed our one card between us. Apparently the computer doesn't update until the full transaction is done, because we each received the full amount of bonus bucks.

    By Blogger mattjustmull, At 9:35 AM  

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