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Friday, May 18, 2007

Satan vs Beelzebub

I don't know who to root for.

But I know who to root against: both of them.

The copyright mafia that is the recording industry is upset at the vile Fred Phelps over his "church" making a vile parody of "We are the World"

The right to parody is firmly enshrined in federal law and has been upheld by the courts, most famously in the (ironic) case of Jerry Falwell vs Penthouse Magazine. I guess it is kind of nice to see the recording industry lawyers taking a break from suing old ladies and college kids over music "piracy" to go after a waste of oxygen like Fred Phelps, but I firmly believe that anyone who might want to exhibt some schadenfreund should resist the urge. Today, the recording industry targets Fred Phelps, tomorrow they might target someone or something more to your liking. The right to parody is part of free speech and must be upheld. Even when used by the Phelpses.



  • I think the lawyer's legal department should re-read Campbell v. Acuff-Rose before going after Phred for what is clearly parody.

    By Blogger route56, At 12:15 PM  

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