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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Metroid for the Wii: First Impressions

After two hours of play...

...too linear, actually, completely linear. Wonder if I will get to explore?
...too easy, what other Metroid game gives you the grapple beam, missiles, and two energy tanks in the first half-hour?
...still has the annoying bug where you can't scan enemies unless you want to sit still and get blasted while you do it
...exhausting; after two hours, my right wrist feels like I have been lifting weights...the requirement that you have to turn by pointing the wiimote at the screen may be intuitive, but it is exhausting. I'd rather let the c-stick turn me and use the wiimote for strafing rather the the reverse
...too damn social; the joy of previous Metroid games was the sense of solitude. In this game I feel like I am in the damn Army.

I hope that there's some good open-ended planet wilderness exploration coming, and I get used to the (so far gimmicky) control system. It would be ironic if the game I have looked forward to ever since I got a Wii turns out to not even come close to the "real" Metroid experience.


  • Let us know when you get to the end, I have a Wii, and thought I would like this version of Metroid.

    By Blogger SmedRock, At 11:20 AM  

  • The Metroid control scheme is being haled as the standard barer for FPS and action games. Guess it's time to start building some serious shoulder muscles.

    By Blogger mattjustmull, At 3:54 PM  

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