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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Front and center?

Most of the news from California has indicated that most counties would begin same-sex marriage licensing as soon as possible -- on Monday June 16, at 5:01 PM. Some counties may do this, but San Francisco will not, except for the symbolic and a very cool wedding of two 80-something year old lesbians, who have lived through the worst and best that our county can be. They will be an awesome first couple representing equality after so many hard years.

The next morning, Tuesday the 7th is when licensing beings in earnest, and our appointment is for 8:15 AM, which is only 15 minutes after the office opens, so we will be among the first, which is pretty cool. In the mean time, Dave and I have been working on some kind of press release. I am not too keen on this idea. I mean, obviously, by its very definition, going to California is a political acts as well as a very personal one, but putting out a press release seems kind of crass, like we are just doing this for some kind of publicity. On the other hand, maybe it would help people back in Kansas put a personal face on what will be a national news event. Still, unless you last name is Baldwin or you have sold a million rap albums, generally you do not put out press releases for your weddings!

We'll probably do it, because if nothing else it is a teaching moment, as they say. All the same, really isn't the end goal a time when a same-sex marriage is only "newsworthy" to the couple's own friends and family and the marriage license as unremarkable as getting a parking permit?

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