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Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's what TiVo was made for...

...Fast-forwarding through another story about Kansas's wackiest gay couple, the Dave and Mike show!

We're overexposed. Yesterdays news. Past our sell-by date. "Jumped the Shark"

Actually, KMBC news out of Kansas City did a pretty nice piece tonight about Dave and I returning from California. It came about 10 minutes into the newscast, which was part of "Vehicular Mayhem Night" on the local news. There were stories on (a) Truck A hits RV, hilarity ensues, (b) Truck B loses load of giant metal tubes, hilarity (and closed freeway) ensues, and finally (c) Truck hits train, featuring a great quote from the truck driver's brother; "He was racing the train. The train won, I guess."

So, consider this a public service announcement: The train will ALWAYS win. Stop, drop, and roll. Train crossing guards save lives, and when you cuddle alone, you cuddle with Hitler!

Seriously, the guy died. The train was delayed 3 hours. Sad stuff. DON'T DATE ROBOTS. (and don't try to beat the train, OK?)

OK, it's my blog, so you get a free link to KMBC's TV news story about Dave and I. (4 MB Quicktime MP4)

And, in other news, The Jewish News Weekly covered the Jewish aspect of the marriage equality story. As is now required by law in California, the article features either Dave or Mike in some form (in this case, Dave). Seriously, it is a very good story. Watch the video, then read the story.

And buy my book.

It's late and I am sarcastic.




  • Congrats again you two!

    I can now say I was there when gay marriage jumped the shark and became irrelevant ;-)

    By Blogger Keith Sader, At 8:33 AM  

  • It has been awesome watching you guys through this (although my attempt to DVR Nightline got bumped becuase of the NBA game that night). The last line in this story about the stimulus check was a great addition to this pace.

    Many, many congrats.

    By Anonymous Dave M, At 11:15 AM  

  • Rock Chalk Jayhawk Gay KU. Congratulations on your marriage and very nice KU Shirts! Did I read that You had a KU Hillel shirt and a Kippot!..... Maybe starting a new trend there on the Hill.

    Have you guys visited israel yet. I found a cool Tel Aviv blog. Check it out.

    Agan Congratulations and Mazel Tov!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:46 PM  

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