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Some quick snapshots with the new iPhone 4 camera

June 24th, 2010

So I got my new iPhone 4 yesterday and took a few very quick snapshots outdoors when I was walking Tova. Still haven’t tried the flash or anything fancy, but wanted to throw these up here, at full size, so you can get a look at the camera’s quality.

License plate
Amazing detail here. If you view the photo at full size, you can see the reflection of my wedding ring in the Toyota logo!

A nice close-up of a pretty yellow flower.

Peace pole
A generic outdoor scenery shot

Tova sniffing (HD movie)
Short movie of our dog sniffing around. Shaky as hell – it is hard to hold an iPhone still and I hope the iMovie for the iPhone has the shake-remover feature of it’s desktop big brother, otherwise post-processing in iMovie will almost be required.

iPhone screenshot
A screenshot of my iPhone’s screen, to get an idea of the pixel density.

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