Red Letter Day

Sunday, February 06, 2005

A spoiler-laden review of the best hour of comedy on TV since...

Let's face it, the Simpsons has been (while still funnier then 90% of television) somewhat down the past few years. But last night's post-Superbowl show was spectacular.

Top 10 moments (close the window now if you haven't watched yet)

10. Kent Brockman interviewing the angry Secular Humanist Mom
9. That ice-skating woman carving the 6 on the judge's chest
8. Finally learning Comic-Book Guy's real name
7. Marge getting out the painting from that closet
6. Mr and Ms Pac Man's Big Day
5. Angry Cat Lady (I never get tired of her)
4. Homer to Flanders: "Check your oil filter"
3. The whale "getting biblical" with Jonah, Flanders-style!
2. Mr. Burns digression on whipping the slaves
1. Homer vs Mario, Donkey Kong style

And then we get American Dad...which is kinda like an all-American version of Family Guy, except the son has testes on his chin instead of the dad. Lots of potential here. The goldfish is kind of lame, but the alien is priceless; the throwaway line about "anorexic Jame Cameron aliens" was laugh-out-loud funny. The whole part about God calling Bush was rather unfunny...but the over-the-top Dad is very good..."you like shaving your armpits...if terrorists take over this country, that's the first thing to go!"

But, the son's "Send in the lunch lady" was the line of the night.

Oh yeah, that Family Guy Law and Order commercial spoof was priceless!

A fine night. And if you missed American Dad, Adult Swim will be showing the pilot sometime Real Soon Now.


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