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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bad news for Israel

Sharon down for the count.

It doesn't look good, as Sharon is one of the few folks who can rise above partisan politics in Israel to lead that country. If Sharon leaves the scene, then Israel's political situation will be very chaotic, and it is unclear what will happen in their upcoming elections. If the Kadima party (Sharon's new centrist party) collapses without its leader, then anything becomes possible, including an unstable minority government that will make the past several years seem like a paragon of stability in comparison. Nightmare scenarios include the election of an extreme right-winger like Netanyahu, who would probably start a war, but more likely would be an incredibly fractured parliament with no party even close to being able to claim any kind of leadership. Maybe in the absence of Sharon somebody else can step forward from a centrist position to lead Israel. I hope and pray for this, because things are very dangerous now, with the Iranian threat and the volatile situation with the Palesinians, and Israel desperately needs a steady hand on the trigger.


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