Red Letter Day

Monday, October 30, 2006


There's a lot of commentary around the web about a New York Times article on people who just can't stand to hang out with people who do not share the same political opinions.

I find this depressing, and a sign of people who take politics way too seriously. Thankfully, politics in America is not a matter of life and death, like it is in some other places, and people who would go so far as to break off friendships with otherwise compatible people over political opinions just seems wrong.

There are always obnoxious people who it is just best to avoid. Some are Republicans, some are Democrats, some are Cubs fans, some are White Sox fans.

But assuming the other person has some manners and you share other interests, why refuse to associate with the person because he or she might have different political beliefs?

I think a key thing is to be polite and show some manners.

If you treat my spouse and I with courtesy, I won't be rude to you because your religious beliefs might lead you to oppose same-sex marriage. Likewise, you can bet I will treat you well and try to avoid making you uncomfortable just because you are a big supporter of President Bush.

At worst, there should be some mutual civility and respect. And at best, in spite of political differences, there's no reason we couldn't hang out, play some cards, and be friends.


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