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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stephen King's "Dark Tower" on TV

There is a TV series version of Stephen King's magnum opus "The Dark Tower."

It airs on ABC and is called "Lost."

Seriously, there are so many similarities in conception and execution that it is uncanny. Especially after tonight's season 3 finale.

Essentially, if you are a "Lost" fan and want to know what is the meaning of the show, the real underlying meaning, as well as what is going to come the next three years, go pick up "The Dark Tower" and read it. It is about 4000 pages spread across seven books, but when you are done (you should finish it by the beginning of season 4 next February), you will know more then 99% of the folks watching the show.

No spoilers here for either work, but those who have read "The Dark Tower" and watch "Lost", I draw your attention to the last three "chapters" of the final book. Specifically the last chapter, then the "real" last chapter, and finally, the coda.




  • i watch lost. i just finished the dark tower last night and it is still ringing in my ears.
    i sorta feel the same way you do. makes a lot of sense, thats for sure.

    By Blogger bjburrows6, At 12:40 PM  

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