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Sunday, March 07, 2010

A brief meditation on "The Crazies"

This contains spoilers. If you plan to see the movie "The Crazies" don't read this post.

First of all, you have the deadliest virus known to man (even if the movie plot couldn't figure out if it was airborne or not), and you (the military) are going to put it in an airplane to fly it across the country? Yeah, I thought so. And you're going to put the stuff in some container that obviously can't withstand a plane crash. It wouldn't be dramatic otherwise, right?

The timeline made no sense either. The coroner said the pilot of the plane had been in the water for a week. So the plane crashed and sat in the water for a week before the military got off their asses to do something?

Also, why did they send the military into the contaminated zone to sweep all the people, try to separate the sick from the non-sick, and so forth? They were going to nuke the town. Why not just have a perimeter to stop people escaping, until you set the nuke off?

And speaking of the nuke, I love how the protagonists outran an atomic explosion in a semi truck (hey at least they didn't ride it out in a refrigerator), and furthermore, they both stared at it going off in the middle of the night without, uh, you know, going blind.

Of course, the military can obviously track individuals from orbit (like at the end) but they couldn't prevent the sheriff and his wife from you know, walking right past a huge roadblock to get out of town.

By the way, I know the answers to all these questions. It is because it is Hollywood, and it is a movie. Duh.


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