Red Letter Day

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Barely better then child molesters

Michael Vick indicted for dog fighting.

If he is guilty, I hope he gets locked up for a long time. People involved in dog fighting are just a degree better then child molesters....and that only barely. If guilty (and it sure looks like he is), Vick deserves a very long stretch in jail.

You always hear about celebrities and athletes who can't handle the limelight and are victimized (or self-victimize) with drugs, adultery, and so forth. As bad as any of those are, they are personal, human failings, and for those, there is always rehab. Vick is much worse; he is a violent felon who apparently relished killing animals. He has forfeited his right to live in a civilized society, forever.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baseball comes to Israel

I hope security is good, because I am worried about the suicide squeeze play.

Seriously, though, this is pretty cool.

As a side note, who would have guessed Ken Holtzman is the winningnest Jewish pitcher in history? I'd have thought Sandy Koufax would have had this nailed down, even with his shortened career. But no, Holtzman has 176 wins, Koufax only 165.