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Some brief observations on the whole iPhone 4G fiasco

April 20th, 2010 Comments off

If you are fogging a mirror and are on the internet, you probably have heard the sordid tale of Gizmodo’s unveiling of an iPhone 4G prototype and outing of the Apple engineer who inadvertently revealed the new phone.

This issue seems to bring out vast quantities of stupid from all involved, on every side of the issue, reminding me of the old adage about opinions and everyone having one. Including me.

Anyway, some random thoughts…

1. The iPhone prototype wasn’t stolen. It was apparently lost.

2. Losing stuff happens to the best of us. But still, if you have the priceless prototype to your secretive employer’s crown jewel with you, is a modicum of responsibility too much to expect?

3. What Gizmodo did by reporting on the device itself and its technical specs is called journalism.

4. What Gizmodo did by paying for said device is called sleazy.

5. What Gizmodo did by gratuitously outing the name and photo of the Apple engineer who lost the phone is called despicable.

6. If there are any legal issues involved, I am confident Apple’s lawyers, Gizmodo’s lawyers, and the authorities (if needed) will get to the bottom of it.

I don’t feel bad for Apple. This won’t affect their bottom line a bit. I do feel sorry for the guy who left the phone, even though it is basically his fault. One mistake should result in a public pillory like this. I hope Apple continues to employ him and he can continue to work on the iPhone, albeit after a stern lecture to not take secret prototypes out in public before a night of drinking!

As for Gizmodo, they are what they are.

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