Red Letter Day

Monday, February 07, 2005

A dead cat

I refer, of course, to Napster.

Their big Super Bowl ad was terrible. The whole idea that a majority people would prefer to rent music instead of buying it is absurd.

I think there is certainly room for Napster's business model as a niche, but the idea that it is generally superior to Apple's is as silly as the idea that because you can check out books from your local public library then Barnes and Noble is doomed to go out of business.

The thing is, when I buy media-based entertainment, I expect to own it and use it for as long as I want. When I buy a book, it is mine. I might sell it next week or keep it 20 years, but it is mine. Same goes for my music.

If I wish to sample something, I can go to pretty much any store and "try out" music, or a book, or a movie. But if I like it, it's mine, all mine!

UPDATE: Apparently, Super Bowl ad viewers agree. The Napster ad was ranked as the lousiest Super Bowl ad this year.


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