Red Letter Day

Friday, November 03, 2006

What has brown done for you lately?

So I saw my first TV ad last night for Microsoft's new Zune music player. The ad seemed to focus on the (highly crippled) ability to transfer songs to other Zune users nearby, as it showed a girl holding her Zune with the screen saying "transferring song" or something like that. Otherwise it just seemed to be a generic and forgettable "young people enjoying their music" style commercial. This contrasts with the commercials for the new iPod, which ironically aired right next to the Zune's the neon commercial where people are dancing with their colored iPods and "writing" neon in the air.

Endgadget has some close-ups of the Zune, and it looks "OK" -- certainly better then some iPod wannabes, but the Zune is apparently twice as thick as an iPod, which doesn't bode well for it. I gotta say, though, I give Microsoft credit for having the balls to make a Zune in the color will either turn out absolutely unexpectedly brilliant or be the biggest design mistake since the Edsel (at a minimum, UPS drivers will probably love it!)


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